This seminar is organized by SSESA – Social Science Environment Student Association, who is also the host of this event.

Datum: Onsdag 26 september 2018
Tid: Kl. 15.15 – 17.00
Plats: Pilgatan 19A, 411 22 Göteborg (HUSAREN)

Free FIKA for the first 40 guests!
As the last votes of the Swedish election have now been counted, the parliamentary situation is still uncertain. Thus, questions regarding the political future of Sweden are rightfully being asked – especially concerning the formation of government – and they might not be answered for long.

The outcome of this political turmoil, often described as unknown political territory, will have a huge impact on what decisions will be made during the forthcoming four years, especially in order to mitigate climate change and environmental degradation.

On behalf of the current situation in Swedish politics, the discussion regarding Sweden’s future steps towards (un)sustainability 2018 to 2022 has reunited academia and civil society in a conversation about how to proceed towards a sustainable society.

At this seminar, several topics based on the participants’ areas of expertise will be discussed with an emphasis on Sweden’s ambitious goal to be the first fossil free well-fare nation by the year of 2040.


Eddy Nehls

Associate Professor in Ethnology at Högskolan Väst. With an extensive research focused on a vast range of different topics, he always circles around different cultural phenomenons. In recent years Eddy Nehls has investigated sustainability through different theoretical perspectives. Eddy Nehls also manages the blog Flyktlinjer – providing society with scientific investigations of the conditions and complexity of the production of knowledge.

Kenneth Hermele

Associate Professor in economy and human ecology. He teaches at Gothenburg University on a vide scope of topics – ranging from global environmental change to sustainable development. Kenneth Hermele has written numerous books on the topic of both globalization and sustainability.

Carl Thorshag

Student of Global Studies at Gothenburg University and climate activist from the local grassroot campaign Fossilgasfällan (English: The Fossil Gas Trap). Fossilgasfällan was founded almost two years ago as a reaction against the plans to build a fossil gas terminal in the harbour of Gothenburg. They fight for a complete stop of the construction of the terminal, as well as an abolishment of all fossil fuels followed by a transition to a just, decentralized and renewable energy production.

Jakob Lagercrantz

Fores (Forum for reforms and entrepreneurship) and the 2030-secretariat. Jakob Lagercrantz has worked on environmental issues since 1984, when he joined the recently established Greenpeace Sweden. He left as executive directer after 11 years, and started a consultancy firm, Ecoplan. At the same time elected Chairman of Gröna Bilister, that became one of the most influential voices for green mobility. In 2013, he founded the 2030-secretariat together with the director of the green and liberal think tank Fores. A pragmatic organization working to support Sweden to reach the transport sector target of 70% CO2 reduction by 2030.

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