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In this FRAM Seminar, Dr. Joel Tickner will discuss some of the drivers of safer chemicals and materials, the challenges of the current science and policy system that inhibit safer chemistry and outline some of the changes needed to achieve a transition to safer chemicals and products.

There are increasing scientific concerns about the health implications of chemicals used in manufacturing processes and products. These concerns are leading to increased consumer, market, and regulatory pressures to eliminate chemicals of concern. However, our science, policy, and market actions still primarily focus on studying and avoiding problems rather than focusing on design and adoption of safer solutions.

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Date and time: 20 March kl 14.30-16.00
Location: Veras gräsmatta, Vera Sandbergsallé 8, Gothenburg

Last day of registration:3/18/2020 at. 11:59 PM.

Fee:The seminar is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Deadline 18 March.

Contact person:Åsa Arrhenius

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