Waves4power – wave energy systems

The creation of a new industry does not happen very often. But this is really what Waves4Power is all about. We are building a new European energy industry that is totally fossil free and renewable. Waves4Power is a leading player in the green marine energy industry which is expected to be the future in energy production for Europe as well as the rest of the world.

  • WaveEL-on-the-water1We are using the free energy in ocean waves to generate electric power
  • We are different in that we do not invent and use unproven new components but depend on well tested components from reputable suppliers like Siemens, Parker, Jotun and nkt cables, to name a few

The WaveEL demonstration project at Runde in Norway was launched in February 2016 with the placement of the WaveEL buoy on site. The final connection to the local land based power grid is expected late summer 2016.


The ocean’s waves harbor tremendous amounts of raw energy and represent the single largest untapped source of renewable energy today. Converted into electricity – by means of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) – wave energy could potentially satisfy up to one tenth of current global power demands.



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VGR_run_png_proj_medfinans_transpWaves4Power ingick tidigare i temautställningen Nya innovationer för det goda livet, som visades på Ekocentrum under 2017. Vi valde där ut 20 exempel på hållbara innovationer inom olika branscher, alla med rötter i Västra Götalandsregionen.