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Climate labels on food – it´s easy, accurate and effective!

Climate change and the future of food supply are two key challenges for the global society. They are also directly connected since food accounts for about 20% of the worlds total emissions of greenhouse gases. For that reason, CarbonClouds first suit of impact services have been developed to support a transition to more climate smart and resource efficient eating habits. The truth is that an average European food consumer has the potential to lower their climate footprint from food consumption with over 60% without downsides. The trick is to make impact visible and the solution is CarbonAte.

CarbonAte is a web based restaurant menu planning and climate impact calculation tool that helps restaurant managers and chefs to develop climate smart dishes and menus and involve their customers in the process.

Main Features Include:

  • Calendar based menu planning tool for single or multiple restaurants.
  • Carbon footprint calculator
  • Third party verified carbon footprint index database for product categories and individual food products
  • Visualization toolbox to generate customized restaurant menus with climate footprint labels for printouts, display screens or websites




“We make visible impact by making impact visible”

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VGR_run_png_proj_medfinans_transpCarbon Cloud ingick tidigare i temautställningen Nya innovationer för det goda livet, som visades på Ekocentrum under 2017. Vi valde där ut 20 exempel på hållbara innovationer inom olika branscher, alla med rötter i Västra Götalandsregionen.