Bionote – Identify Any Species. Anywhere in the World.

What Is BioNote? We are making the simplest platform for scientists and citizens alike to log and identify species they see. Plus, users can share their data to help science!

Bionote_birdToday, we think that most people don’t take
the time required to identify species when they are curious because it’s a
time-consuming undertaking. This is a problem we want to solve. Just upload a photo, and get help. It’s that simple. No complex input forms. No laborious taxonomic keys. Simplicity. And, when you need to recall those
species sightings, all your data is in one place. Plus, users can share their data to help science! We think you’ll like it. More info.

Bionote_card1We Need Your Help!
This is no easy task! To make something useful and fun for everyone is a lot
easier said than done. That’s why we need help! We want to make the best
possible platform for our users. If you like our idea please get in touch and
let us know how we can make the best platform for you! Seriously. We want
to listen to your ideas and your problems. Email us!

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VGR_run_png_proj_medfinans_transpBionote ingick i temautställningen Nya innovationer för det goda livet, som visades på Ekocentrum under 2017. Vi valde där ut 20 exempel på hållbara innovationer inom olika branscher, alla med rötter i Västra Götalandsregionen.