Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland’s assignment is to contribute to a thriving Västra Götaland which is an attractive place to live and work. Västra Götaland lies on the west coast of Sweden and is one of Sweden’s two politically governed regions.

VGRRegion Västra Götaland (Västra Götalandsregionen VGR) is governed by democratically elected politicians and with just over 50,000 employees is one of Sweden’s biggest employers.

It is tasked with offering good healthcare and dental care and providing the prerequisites for good public health, a rich cultural life, a good environment, jobs, research, education and communications. All together, these provide a foundation for sustainable growth in Västra Götaland.

Together with its 49 municipalities, trade and industry, organisations and academia, VGR drives development with Västra Götaland’s best interests in focus.

The Environmental Committee of Region Västra Götaland manages programs such as Smart Energy (Smart Energi). Together with municipalities, departments, industry and organisations this is an ongoing process to implement climate strategies for Västra Götaland. The goal is to end the region’s dependence on fossil fuels by 2030. Smart Energy operates according to tangible agreements to promote energy efficient buildings and solar energy and environmental criteria for procuring services and products such as electricity, vehicles, furnishings and food.

Other well-known environmental projects which VGR manages or has contributed to are Biogas Väst, Clean Shipping, Considerate Design (Design med Omtanke), Energy Farm (Energigården), Green List (Gröna Listan), Green Chemistry (Grön Kemi), Smart Grid Mobilization (Kraftsamling Smarta Nät), Locally Produced in the West (Lokalproducerat i Väst), Passive House Centre (Passivhuscentrum) Västra Götaland, Power Väst, School Food Academy (Skolmatsakademin) and Studio Re:design.

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