Ekobanken is an ethical bank, open for all who want to join in and promote the possibilities for people to take initiatives freely. Such people enrich society by offering a broader choice areas such as health and medical care, teaching methods, and artistic expression. We regard money as a social medium whose purpose is to facilitate collaboration between people. Our principal driving forces are to benefit the public good and our members.

EkobankenAt Ekobanken customers who want more transparent and responsible money management meet with people who add value to environmental, social and cultural spheres. All loans and credit facilities granted to operations are published on the Ekobanken website and in the “Transparent Loans” brochure.

Most of the loans granted by Ekobanken are granted to schools, ecovillages, community housing, organic farming and food production, renewable energy production, fair trade retailers, newspaper production, culture centres, social cooperatives and artistic activities.

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