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Ekocentrum offers some of Sweden’s most sought after and respected environmental and CSR training courses. To enhance the learning experience, participants are taken on a tour by our educators in the permanent exhibition where a multitude of sustainable products and systems are displayed. Every year hundreds of businesses, departments and organisations are seeded with knowledge and motivation in our courses.

Promoting sustainable development through education and facilitation

Ekocentrum Foundation is independent of shareholders and is not motivated by profits. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

Since 1993 Ekocentrum has been run without regular operating grants and is funded through revenues from training courses, meeting room hire and exhibitor displays.

This independence allows us to remain credible and present different solutions, both technical and behavioural, on environmental and sustainable issues. We are a neutral meeting place for researchers, industry, government agencies, organisations, students, inventors and the public.

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