Artikel i Göteborg Daily om seminariet Saltad Nota: Are we scared of real food?

Göteborg Daily joined in on the Ekocentrum seminar on March 6 to discuss fake food in restaurants…

140319_GoteborgDailyGood-food advocates talk “fake food” and the rise of sustainable food in Gothenburg.

Food enthusiasts gathered at Gothenburg’s Ekocentrum last week for a seminar featuring author and real-food advocate Mats-Eric Nilsson and representatives of three prominent Gothenburg eateries, including Michelin starred Thörnströms Kök. The topics of the day were the widespread use of pre-made foods, additives and preservatives in many restaurant and café kitchens, as well as the hospitality industry’s role in promoting a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable food system.

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